Dancing With a Porcupine: Parenting Wounded Children Without Losing Your Self

By Jennie Owens

Forever Homes Publishing, 2019, ISBN: 978-108-1166519, 238 pages, $17.95

Adoptive mom Jennie Owens shares her journey through the adoption of three older children and the ensuing challenges of parenting children who’ve experienced early childhood trauma in her new book, “Dancing With a Porcupine.” She focused on how her health was impacted by raising children with such difficult behaviors and how she slowly learned to prioritize herself while also doing the best she could for her children.

The book is one that many foster and adoptive parents will relate to as they give it their all to help the children in their family heal. It serves as a reminder that in order to care for others, we must care for ourselves.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of sharing of her children’s stories, must of whom are now adults. It doesn’t state anywhere in the book whether the children were comfortable having their stories shared.

A lot of foster and adoptive parents will probably relate to “Dancing with a Porcupine” and will probably find some helpful takeaways from what Owens has shared in the book.


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