With more than 400,000 children in foster care in the United States, it is critical to provide those who care for these children with current research, practical advice and expert analysis to help them navigate the challenges of foster, adoptive and kinship care. Our goal at Fostering Families Today is to provide our readers with vital information, new approaches to parenting and features from the latest available resources in the professional foster care, adoptive care and kinship care communities.

Look inside Fostering Families Today and you will see that we have put a bright, contemporary face on foster care with articles that are timely and compelling. The magazine’s clean design and compelling content encourages our readers to invest their most precious commodity: time. The result is more exposure for our sponsors.

Fostering Families Today is distributed nationally through subscriptions. Because Fostering Families Today is a quality resource, some states provide all of their foster families with subscriptions, allowing sponsors to target this virtually untapped and often hard-to-reach audience.

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Circulation & Readership

30,000 readers and growing

Target Audience

Foster care professionals, prospective and current foster parents, current and former foster youth

Reader Demographics

  • 74% Two-parent households
  • 54% Annual income between $50,000-100,000 and 17% earn more than $100,000
  • 48% Have 4 children or more at home
  • 23% Are new foster/resource parents
  • 45% Have earned degrees beyond high school with 28% having graduate degrees
  • 71% Seeking discounts on products & services

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