Join us for our next Fostering Families Today webinar:

Pandemic Poll: How Foster Families Are Coping

Thursday, March 4 at 10 a.m. PST | Register at:

Join us as we dive into the findings of our recent survey, where we asked 300+ foster and resource parents to describe the greatest challenges they’ve faced throughout the pandemic.

  • How are parents dealing with their own mental health struggles?
  • What effect is isolation having on the foster parent community?
  • How are parents adapting to their roles as 24/7 caregivers?

Our panelists will include National Foster Parent Association Executive Director Irene Clements, Fostering Families Today editor Kim Hansel and editorial assistant Emily Jo Wharry, and foster parents Katy McDaniel, LMSW and Vanessa and Amen Van Dyck.