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Navigating the Holidays webinar

Navigating the Holidays

December 9, 2021 at 10AM Pacific Time

Join us for a conversation with former foster youth about their experiences in foster care during the holidays. They’ll provide helpful insight in how to best support youth currently in foster care.

Our panelists:

Raquel Wilson: Program Manager for Fostering Media Connections’ Youth Voice program and a former foster youth from Compton, California, Raquel has been an advocate for youth affected by the foster care system, youth justice system, homelessness, or coined “at-risk.” She has dedicated more than 10 years to empowering youth and helping them develop personally and professionally. She earned a master’s degree in grant writing, management and evaluations as well as an MBA in nonprofit management from Concordia University of Chicago. Raquel also enjoys writing and performing spoken word, she loves to read, listen to music, and helping others grow their network.

Jessica Castillo: Jessica is from Los Angeles, California, and was in foster care from age 12 to 16. She was adopted at 16, but a year later the family changed their mind and Jessica experienced homelessness for a few months while she worked and graduated high school. She’s attending East Los Angeles College pursuing a bachelor’s degree in media arts and recently released her first book, Trash Bag of Memories.

Daniel Bisuano: Daniel is 25 years old and works in both the creative and policy worlds. His ultimate goal in life is to help people like him get on the big screen and break the stigmas associated with being gay and formerly incarcerated.

Tamar Sebesta: Tamar is currently in pursuit of an associate’s degree in political science, communications, psychology and liberal arts. She is an active member on campus programs such as Guardian Scholars, EOPS, CARE, the speech and debate team, as well as two honor societies. She has experience in digital marketing and an emphasis on journalism. Passionate about self-advocacy and social injustices, Tamar uses her voice to uplift others with her story. She is also an intern with FMC’s Youth Voice program.


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