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Fulfilling a Dream

By Farrah Mina During her senior year of high school, Madelyne Yang sat down with her counselor to strategize about college applications. Together, the pair identified Augsburg University, a private institution in Minneapolis, as a […]


Connecting, Reconnecting

By Valarie Edwards Documentary filmmaker Yusef Presley was just 5 when he was separated from his sister, 7-year-old Khalia. The two initially entered foster care in the same family, but were later separated. Presley was […]

Book & Movie Reviews

Book & Movie Reviews

Social Skills Activity Deck for Kids

Caring for children in foster care comes with its own set of particular challenges for resource parents and kinship caregivers. Kids who are uprooted from their homes and families, moving from school to school, find […]

Book & Movie Reviews

Possible Selves: A PBS Documentary

“Possible Selves,” a new documentary about youth in foster care, starts with a scene that most high schoolers in America will recognize. As powerful lights shine down on the green carpeting of a football field, […]

Book & Movie Reviews

Mothers Lead by Jenny Athena Wong

Jenny Athena Wong pens a powerful and poignant memoir in Mothers Lead, describing the book as “the journey of a girl to motherhood.” The 12,000-words book is spread over 550 pages and is written in […]