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NAFFA Gathering (10/2019) Courtesy, Albert Pooley
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Respecting & Healing Family and Culture

By Jeremiah Donier Hopi and Navajo tribal member Albert Pooley hears the echoes of his forefathers every day in the work he does as president of the Native American Fatherhood and Families Association (NAFFA). “Imagine […]

Book & Movie Reviews

Book & Movie Reviews

Book Review: Dear Wonderful You …

This book was written by a global community of adult adoptees and adults who were fostered, and includes letters penned to the upcoming generation of adopted and fostered youth. The mission of “Dear Wonderful You” […]

Book & Movie Reviews

Book Review: Somebody’s Someone

Published in 2008, Regina Louise’s Somebody’s Someone is an early memoir sharing the unique experience of a Black child in the foster care system. Louise has published two additional books and “Somebody’s Someone” was made […]

Book & Movie Reviews

Book Review: The Power of One

This new book by former foster youth Antonio D. Grate offers advice to foster and kinship caregivers about transitioning a youth to their family and home. Grate is also a motivational speaker and shares more […]

Book & Movie Reviews

Book Review: Trash Bag of Memories

A regular writer for Fostering Media Connections’ Youth Voice Program, author Jessica Castillo has compiled her experiences into a new book “Trash Bag of Memories.” Based in Los Angeles, Castillo writes about the ups and […]