The Lucky Few

By Heather Avis Zondervan, 2017, ISBN: 978-0-310-34549-7, 220 pages, $16.99 The path to adoption is not the first choice for many people, but a lucky few will have their lives forever changed by adoption. Author Heather Avis shares the story of her struggles with infertility and ultimately her path to adoption in the new book, “The Lucky Few.” Along the way, Avis not only opens her heart to adoption, but also to adopting children with Down Syndrome. Even though she never pictured herself as a mom to two special needs children, as well as a child of a different ethnicity, Avis embraces her new role and celebrates all the peaks and pitfalls of motherhood. As her children grow, Avis also explores building relationships with her children’s birth families and having a more open adoption than she ever imagined. “The Lucky Few” celebrates the lucky few people who get to call themselves adoptive parents. This well-written book showcases the heartbreaking struggles of infertility and the immense joys when motherhood is finally achieved through adoption. Avis does a nice job of taking the reader through all of those stages and showing how adoptive parents’ ideas around adoption can evolve. The book is written for the Christian adoption audience, but all adoptive parents can relate to Avis’ journey. — Reviewed by Kim Phagan-Hansel  

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