Asked & Answered: Summer Fun

All responses taken from our Facebook groups: Foster Parenting Toolbox and Kinship Parenting Group.

Summer provides the perfect opportunity for families to spend time together. We asked current foster, kinship and adoptive parents what their favorite family summer activities were. Here’s what they had to say:

“We’ve always camped with our kiddos growing up, moved to Kentucky, then back to Ohio and sold the campers we had, finally bought another and it became small quickly so last year we bought another bigger camper and we have made a deal that 1x a year we go to an ocean… this year we went to Myrtle Beach and camped at the KOA, and we booked our camping weekends (two weekends a month, except birthday months we’re only doing one) and we are having a blast! This weekend is Jellystone, which is close to our home and they’ve got so many activities for the kids! Teaching the kiddos to ride horses (we have seven horses).”

“Swimming days.”

“Swimming and riding bikes.”

“Going to the beach, and recently we’ve been loving going to the movie theater.”

“Hiking and travel.”

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