Asked & Answered: Reading and Screen Time (Part Six)

All responses taken from our Facebook groups: Foster Parenting Toolbox and Kinship Parenting Group.

Struggling to make reading a priority for your children? We asked current foster, kinship and adoptive parents how they make reading a regular part of their children’s routines. Here’s what they had to say:

“I take them with me when I go to the library. They look for books, then they’ll usually read them in the car or while waiting for me to finish.

I read a lot in my free time, while they are on their screens. Sometimes they put down a screen and join me. Don’t expect it to happen every time, but it will happen. Kids are naturally curious, anything we seem really interested in ourselves and seem to get enjoyment from regularly, they’ll often want to try out.

I also read to my kids a lot. Audiobooks for kids in the car works pretty well too, if you’re in the car running a lot of errands or for road trips.”

“Read to them.”

“We have a ‘you have to read it to earn it’ policy. I don’t push their limits, evaluate how long your child can read without getting frustrated, start there so if it’s just 10 minutes that’s OK and slowly work up from there. Also make sure your kiddo doesn’t have any reading disabilities like dyslexia or need glasses. Empower them before starting with the tools they need to succeed, then sit down and explain if they want 30 minutes of tablet time, they have to read for 10 minutes, as  an example. We go weekly to the library so they can pick their own books, I make them stay on their reading level because I don’t want them to get frustrated (this is during the summer because the school here sends home books to read during the year) if they are younger, look into games that encourage them to read on their devices. They will learn and readi while getting to play on them so win win!”

“We have an hour ‘quiet time’ before bedtime. Where they must be ready for bed, teeth/night clothes. And they lay in bed and read a book. We also go to the library every other weekend.”

“Mine have to earn screen time. I have a whole list of jobs that earn screen time.”

“My kids have to read 30 minutes to have 30 minutes of screen time and they only get screen time in the evening after it starts getting dark.”

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