Asked & Answered: Celebrating Summer!

All responses taken from our Facebook groups: Foster Parenting Toolbox and Kinship Parenting Group.

School is officially out for most children across the country! We asked current foster, kinship and adoptive parents how they celebrate this exciting milestone with their children.

“We let each kid (3) pick a summer adventure. We did #1 this weekend: we saw the second Sonic movie.”

“We will be having an ice cream party with root beer floats in cups that are shaped like ice cream cones, ice cream decorations, ice cream cone bubbles and lots of water play.” 

“We get each kiddo flowers or a balloon then have a pizza party and make a summer bucket list.”

“A friend of mine has a campfire and the kids burn all the papers and notebooks and art projects they do not want to keep and have s’mores. I thought that was a cute idea to end the school year.”

“I have 5 kids, 4-17 years old, plus any additions, and I always wake my kids up to Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” and blare it as I drop them off at school too. After school I pick them up blaring “School’s out for Summer” by Alice Cooper on my car radio and set off a confetti cannon and play some other summer time songs lol. Get home and play with water balloons, have ice cream from an ice cream truck, have a bbq dinner or pizza and at night have a bonfire to burn all school papers and make some s’mores. Sometimes we do little snap-type poppers, sparklers and fountain type fireworks.”

“We get an ice cream cone and eat dinner at a local restaurant.”

“We always have a pool party with friends and we make sure we make a big deal out of the kids’ accomplishments.”

“Ice cream on the first and last days … every year.”

“We have a little cupcake celebration after dinner and give him lots of praise for his progress in school.”

“We’re having a party at the park this weekend for my niece and nephew who are in my care, their brother who lives with his dad and a few other kids in my family.”

“Late night stargazing party.”

“We are going to our favorite pizza place with our close family friends. Usually we go on a hike in town.”

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