How to do Parenting with Confidence

In “How To Do Parenting with Confidence,” family interventionist Vanessa Kahlon offers a number of tips and strategies for dealing with various adolescent behavior patterns. She shares examples which reflect the daily choices children and their caregivers make — and offers solutions to ensure positive outcomes. Kahlon explains how to catch the triggers to prevent negative situations, how to model humility and apology and, how to adapt adult phraseology so words resonate fruitfully with children. It’s a handy book, full of techniques to use in particular scenarios. Written in a simple, easy-to-follow style this book is unfussy, not pedantic. Those entrusted with the care of children and youth will surely find this book to be useful. It does provide the important reminder that parents need not fret so much about doing everything right every time; they can also learn from their children and work together to ensure healthy, happy relationships.


How To Do Parenting With Confidence, ASIN: B0B7QJPQN8;
ISBN-13: 979-8842906703 $8.99 (Kindle) $16.99 (paperback)