Fostering Connection

In her new book “Fostering Connection,” licensed psychologist Dr. Tish Taylor offers a helpful guide for parents, teens, children and educators, as well as mental health professionals negotiating certain behavior issues. With the end goal of establishing better communication between adults and those entrusted to their care, the book offers innovative approaches to create positive connections. Taylor presents a system, termed “Who Is Showing Up?” comprising concepts, characters and images to assist readers dealing with difficult behaviors. Using a number of graphic elements, “Fostering Connection” makes for easy reading, and introduces a set of disparate characters to enable better understanding of specific behaviors. The first set is termed “Connectors” which exude positivity and an understanding of self and the world around them. The other set is termed “Disconnectors;” these perpetuate negativity, conflict and lack of understanding. Taylor provides a number of examples of highly reliable children’s’ behavior issues, and offers solutions using Connector skills.


Fostering Connection Building Social and Emotional Health in Children and Teens
ISBN: 978-0984272518 $9.99 (Kindle), $34.99 (paperback)      


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