Parenting Adopted Teenagers: Advice for the Adolescent Years

By Rachel Staff Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2016, ISBN: 978-1-84905-604-5, 250 pages, $19.95 What parent doesn’t need advice for raising teenagers? Now the “Parenting Adopted Teenagers” book is a new resource for parents doing just that. Tackling several topics such as key emotional themes for adopted teenagers, mental health, emerging identity and much more, the book is an all-inclusive guide to navigating the teen years. The author, a therapeutic social worker, delves into some of the latest research and information regarding trauma and attachment, making it relevant to today’s parents. The case examples help readers better understand the information in relation to real-life events. The conclusions of each chapter also help identify the takeaways from each chapter and offer some hands-on advice to parents who may be struggling with their child. The conclusions break down some of the ideas for dealing with issues like shame, anger, confusion, anxiety, and other behaviors and emotions the teen may be dealing with, offering tips on how to navigate some of those difficulties. “Parenting Adopted Teenagers” is a little clinically heavy, making it a book that not every adoptive family will find accessible. The case examples and the conclusion information help make it more reader-friendly, but it’s still an in-depth, involved read. However, the information included in the book is relevant to those parenting teens and provides some well-researched information backed up by multiple resources. Also written for the British audience, the book does reference some resources and programs that are only available in England. But, much of the information is relevant for any adoptive parents regardless of where they live. “Parenting Adopted Teenagers” is a decent book, especially for those ready to delve into some of the deeper, more challenging concerns for parents of adopted teens. — Reviewed by Kim Phagan-Hansel  

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