10,000 Miles with 10,000 Reasons: A Journey into the Heart of Africa

By Nancy Frantz eLectio Publishing, LLC, 2017, ISBN: 978-1-63213-342-7, 134 pages, $12.99 Living a comfortable middle-class lifestyle, Nancy Frantz felt she needed to do more and that her parenting journey wasn’t over, despite the fact that her children were quickly entering young adulthood. Even though Nancy and her husband Kerry had adopted fourth-grader Brittany, Nancy felt there was more they could do. They started by sponsoring a 13-year-old living in a Zambian orphanage. That sponsorship would not only lead to the adoption of the young girl, Victoria, but also twin Zambian boys, Andrew and Andre. Nancy chronicles the journey to these children in the new book “10,000 Miles with 10,000 Reasons.” The story is a testament to the Frantz’s faith and dedication to helping three impoverished, orphaned children find a family. From starting the adoption process to traveling to Zambia to meet and adopt the children, the journey is filled with pitfalls and multiple challenges. One trip to Zambia quickly turns to multiple trips as the couple works through the complicated Zambian adoption process. Ultimately, Victoria is 15 before the couple is finally able to adopt her and bring her to their home in the United States. While working through the process, the Frantz’s create connections in Zambia and work to improve the lives of the children left behind. “10,000 Miles with 10,000 Reasons” is a quick, easy read that shares the tumultuous journey of one family to adopt three children from Zambia. Since the adoption of the children, the Frantz’s have gone on to foster more children and are currently in the process of adopting three boys. A lot of adoptive families who’ve adopted from countries in Africa will most likely relate to the laborious adoption process and the profound connectedness to these countries during the adoption process. “10,000 Miles with 10,000 Reasons” is a nice book for a relaxing evening. — Reviewed By Kim Phagan-Hansel  

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