‘FosterTech’ Magazine Explores Intersection of Foster Care and Technology

LOS ANGELES – Technology companies and government agencies across the U.S. are leveraging technology in the field of child welfare.

Fostering Media Connections (FMC), the nonprofit publisher of Adoption Today, Fostering Families Today and The Chronicle of Social Change, has just released a special print magazine entitled FosterTech, which describes a some of the most exciting and vexing applications of technology in child welfare. The magazine aims to create a base of knowledge for technologists, child welfare administrators, advocates, foster youth and social workers and to engage them in outlining technology’s role in the field of child welfare. The issue’s 17 stories explore the advance of predictive analytics in child protection, using ridesharing apps to facilitate parent visitation, increasing foster parent recruitment through digital marketing techniques, bridging the digital divide foster youth face and much more. “FMC was started with the goal of changing the foster care narrative,” said Daniel Heimpel, executive director of Fostering Media Connections. “We did this by providing other media outlets with a veritable ‘menu of stories’ chronicling reforms and opportunities to improve the system. FosterTech is no different.” FMC’s news and distribution staff is eager to provide more information and context to any journalists seeking it. The magazine will be distributed at a series of foster care hackathons, during which technologists and child welfare experts will work together to come up with solutions that bridge both domains. A digital version is now available online for $9.95. FosterTech is a duel effort of the news website The Chronicle of Social Change and the print magazine Fostering Families Today. The Walter S. Johnson Founation and the Pritzker Foster Care Initiative, two philanthropies highly engaged in the nexus of technology and foster care, offered seed funding for this special edition. Fostering Media Connections is a 501c (3) non-profit that harnesses the power of solution-based journalism to drive public and poilictical will behind improving the lives of vulnerable children. Sponsors of FosterTech:

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