Asked & Answered: Giving Season

All responses taken from our Facebook groups: Foster Parenting Toolbox and Kinship Parenting Group.

November and December, aka “giving season,” have historically been the months when people are most generous, and most willing to support and donate to causes they care about. We asked current foster, adoptive and kinship parents how they teach the children in their homes about generosity and giving. Here’s what they shared:

“We buy gifts for kids each year. Each kid picks 10 gifts, and we get a Salvation Army angel tree kid to spend $200 on. Getting them set up for the next six months: Christmas clothes, something for school, something personal and a large toy. They look forward to it.”

“Our kiddo has seen us role modeling acts of kindness. So she often finds something to do to help others. Her biggest passion right now is helping at a food bank.”

“I’m actually lucky to have a son that gives a lot. Sometimes I have to teach him balance (to not be too generous) because unfortunately people can take advantage of his giving nature.”

“We pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child every year.”

“We lead by example and include them.”

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