Bounce Forward: Building Resilience — A Guide for Kids

Bounce Forward with the Moodsters

A Guide for kids on Finding Your Strong, Resilient Self

By Denise Daniels, RN, MS, Susan Champlin, MS.Ed.,
Dr. Robin Stern, Nancy Silverman, MA

JellyJam Entertainment, 2021, ISBN: 979-8546116934, 25 pages, $12.99

The Moodsters are a colorful group of friends, teaching kids about a variety of feelings, and bringing a new concept – resiliency – to readers in their new book “Bounce Forward with the Moodsters.” In it, the Moodsters share with kids what it means to be resilient and how to recognize resiliency in themselves.

The interactive book provides space for readers younger than 8 to share their ideas. Readers can circle their most recent feelings, draw pictures of how they feel when they’ve made a mistake and when they begin to feel better. These hands-on exercises help engage kids and help them better understand resiliency.

The book provides techniques to build resiliency, including how to set goals, feel hopeful and/or try new things. “Bounce Forward with the Moodsters” is a comfortable way to introduce a pretty abstract concept to young children. For foster families, look out for a couple of triggers. The book mentions, ‘mom going back to work’ and ‘family time.’ Overall, “Bounce Forward with the Moodsters” might be a fun way to introduce a new concept to the child in your home.

— Reviewed by Kim Phagan-Hansel

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