Book Review: “Monty’s Day in Court”

Monty’s Day in Court

What to Expect When You Have to Testify in Court

By Jessica Miles

Illustrated by Gina Dee

2020, ISBN-13: 979-8618619783,
36 pages, $6.25

Sometimes children are required to testify in court. These hearings can be overwhelming and intimidating as children often share very private details of their lives. The new book “Monty’s Day in Court” is written to help children better understand the courtroom and what happens when they testify. The book follows the story of Monty, who is abused by his father and ultimately must testify against him in court. It highlights the difficult feelings Monty experiences about the abuse itself and the trauma of having to share those in court. With the help of programs such as Bikers Against Child Abuse, Monty overcomes his fears to testify and works through his tough feelings with the help of his mom.

The book does a good job defining the key players in the courtroom and explaining the process. Many youth in foster care can probably relate to Monty’s story. Written by former foster parent Jessica Miles and also illustrated by foster parent Gina Dee, the book is created by individuals who have helped guide children through the process of testifying in court. An added benefit is a discussion guide included on the book’s website at This book could help foster, kinship and adoptive parents prepare the children in their care for courtroom experiences and serve as an opportunity to discuss any difficult feelings the child may have. Proceeds from the book are also being donated to Bikers Against Child Abuse.

— Reviewed by Kim Phagan-Hansel

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