The F Word: A Foster-to-Adopt Story

Web Series Nicole Opper Productions, 2017 Oakland couple Nicole and Kristen have decided they want to adopt a child from foster care. At the start of that process, Nicole decided to create a six-part web series documenting their journey. The series begins with some background on what made them decide to foster and the process to determine which child to bring into their home. Because the couple knows they want to adopt, they start out not wanting to be considered as potential placements for children whose parents’ rights have not been severed. But by the end of the series they decide to consider kids with concurrent planning cases who may ultimately be reunified with their birth families. Along the way, Kristen and Nicole talk with other transracial adoptive families, exploring some of the issues that are important to consider when potentially adopting a child of a different race. They also confront the reality of living in a place like Oakland, where the cost of living is high and spacious housing is often out of reach for low to middle-income families. As the series progresses, more than a year passes before they are matched with a child they have a real chance of caring for, and the pair does a good job of portraying what it feels like to wait and wonder. During that time, the U.S. political climate shifts dramatically and some states pass laws that discriminate against LGBTQ adoptive families, causing the couple to question how their lives might be impacted. Overall “The F Word” is a cute, short series that offers a well-rounded introduction to and insight into the foster-adopt process. Each episode is 8 to 10 minutes long, and a second season is now in development. — Reviewed by Christie Renick  

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