Successful Survivors: The 8 Character Traits of Survivors and How You Can Attain Them

By Rhonda Sciortino Hatherleigh, 2016, ISBN: 978-1-57826-629-6, 154 page, $15 Author Rhonda Sciortino is a survivor of a trauma-filled early childhood, raised by her abusive grandfather and drug addicted grandmother. While that start alone may have given her cause to wallow in the challenges of her life, Sciortino did the exact opposite. She got a job and emancipated herself from their care at 16, started her own business and has continued to create her own success story. Now she’s hoping to pass along all that she’s learned through the new book, “Successful Survivors.” In the book, Sciortino shares not only her own personal success story, but the success stories of others who have overcome great odds in their lives to become successful individuals. She focuses on several character traits — Strength and Determination; Tenacity, Persistence and Assertiveness; Optimism and Positivity; Adaptability, Bravery and Responsiveness; Resiliency; Courage; Conscientiousness; and Resourcefulness. Sciortino shares stories of those who have relied on these character traits to build success in their lives despite overcoming adversity. “Successful Survivors” provides inspiration to the readers and solid suggestions for achieving success. The stories of other successful survivors makes this book special in that it provides a glimpse into the lives of those who have experienced extreme challenges, but yet, found ways to overcome and become successful. “Successful Survivors” is a great guide for anyone who needs a little inspiration and extra encouragement trying to make their lives success stories. The book will be especially powerful for those who have experienced many difficulties and are driven to improve their lives. — Reviewed by Kim Phagan-Hansel

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