Adopted ID

By Sonia Godding Togobo SunStar Worldwide Production 1 hour Born in Haiti, Judith Craig grew up in a Canadian adoptive family. Always wondering about her beginnings and only knowing she was abandoned at birth, Craig returned in 2007 in search of her biological family. For more than three weeks Craig traveled the country sharing her story of abandonment and searching for her family. Craig chronicles her journey in the film “Adopted ID.” The film follows Craig on her travels throughout the country sharing her radio interviews and visits with families who believed she was their missing family member. As she continues her search, Craig navigates the difficult feelings that often accompany searching, especially as hope soars and then is often dashed as the search continues. The film then jumps forward three years and follows up with Craig after the 2010 Haiti earthquake that prompted her to launch United Haitians for the United Kingdom to help her fellow Haitians. “Adopted ID” is witness to one adoptee’s journey to find her history and to come to a kind of peace with her story. Interviews with her adoptive family also provide a view into the two worlds that adoptees walk in life and the challenges that transracial adoption can present. The film is well done and provides a glimpse into the unique life experience of one adoptee that is similar to that of many other adoptees. By including a three-year post-search update, “Adopted ID” also provides a full circle perspective to Craig’s story. At just an hour long, “Adopted ID” is a good film to watch with the family and could possibly start a dialogue about searching for family with adopted children. Craig can be reached at — Reviewed by Kim Phagan-Hansel

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