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Grandmothering While Black

Sociologist LaShawnDa L. Pittman writes a powerful ethnography in “Grandmothering While Black,” in which she takes a close look at how kinship background as well as current socio-economic situations that impact the role grandmothers play […]



Downloadable brief on kinship navigators fr. Casey Family Programs:   State-by-State Kinship Navigator Programs ALABAMA: Kinship Navigator ALASKA: VOA Alaska ARIZONA: Arizona Kinship Support Services ARKANSAS: […]

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Torn Apart

Many believe the child welfare system protects children from abuse. But as Torn Apart uncovers, this system is designed to punish Black families. Drawing on decades of research, legal scholar and sociologist Dorothy Roberts reveals […]

Book & Movie Reviews

Beyond Racial Division

Efforts at colorblindness and antiracism have not been very effective in addressing racial tensions in the United States. Colorblindness ignores the realities of race and the history of injustice. On the other hand, antiracism centers […]

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After her father’s death Georgina unravels the truth about her parentage — and the racial identity she had been denied. She fled from England and the turmoil of her home-life to live in Black communities […]