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Upcoming Webinars


  • Tough Conversations: Let’s About Sex
    November 17 – REGISTER
    The most uncomfortable conversation parents will ever have with their children is the sex talk. Find out when is the right time to have the conversation. And, in this age of information overload, why do so many young people know so little about sex? You might be surprised to learn where they’re getting their information. Also, learn how to prepare young people to deal with their changing bodies and emerging sexuality.


  • Health and Healing: Caring for Yourself and Your Family
    January 26 – REGISTER
    Foster parenting can be tough. Why it’s important to take time for ourselves and encourage the rest of the family to do the same. Make healing a priority with day-to-day self-care practices or a weekend staycation.
  • Social Worker 411 (National Social Worker Month)
    March 30 – REGISTER
    Hear from social workers across the country about their experiences working with children and families. This is your opportunity to ask the questions you’ve been wanting to ask of social workers and learn what their workday looks like.
  • Mentoring Youth in Foster Care
    May 25 – REGISTER
    Fostering Families Today teams up with Youth Voices Rising to offer tips on how to take your foster parenting to the next level with intentional mentoring and build a team of support for the teens in your family.
  • Building Bridges of Connection
    July 27 – REGISTER
    We’re back by popular demand in 2023 with another conversation on growing relationships between caregivers and bio families. Hear from families who build these relationships every day, with suggestions on how you too can create these connections to benefit the children in your family.
  • Kinship Voices
    September 28 – REGISTER
    With little notice or preparation, kinship caregivers step up to care for family or close friends. Hear what kinship parenting looks like from caregivers across the country and the resources that have helped them along the way this National Kinship Care Month.
  • Post-Adoption Support
    November 16 – REGISTER
    What happens after the adoption decree is signed? Hear from adoptive families what resources they’ve found, what more they need and how they’re faring.