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Here are the videos from our 2022 webinars:

  • Tough Conversations: Navigating Relationships with Biological Family

    To avoid prejudicing and perhaps damaging their relationship with the children they care for, some resource families say they want little information about the child’s biological family. But communication is priceless and having an open dialogue could mean less trauma for both the child and their first family. Learn how to navigate this tender relationship and why doing so could mean better health outcomes for everyone involved.


  • Tough Conversations: Race & Foster Care

    Talking about race isn’t an easy conversation to have, even for adults. Talking about transracial foster care or adoption is a conversation fraught with historical wrongs. Are children done a disservice when placed with families of another race? But with so many kids in need of a safe place, what alternatives, if any, are there? Join us for this tough conversation with youth and families as they share their personal experiences.


  • Tough Conversations: LGBTQ+ Identity

    Young people who identify as gay, lesbian or transgender make up more than a quarter of the youth in foster care, for the same reasons cisgender youth are in care – the result of neglect or abuse. But finding a welcoming resource family isn’t always easy. Learn how to develop a nurturing, safe space for queer youth. And, listen as former youth share their personal stories.


  • Tough Conversations: Let’s About Sex
    November 17 – REGISTER

    The most uncomfortable conversation parents will ever have with their children is the sex talk. Find out when is the right time to have the conversation. And, in this age of information overload, why do so many young people know so little about sex? You might be surprised to learn where they’re getting their information. Also, learn how to prepare young people to deal with their changing bodies and emerging sexuality.